Apply for the workshop with Rosi Braidotti: Revisiting “Nomadic Subjects” 30 years later
In the workshop Revisiting Nomadic Subjects – 30 Years Later with philosopher Rosi Braidotti we discuss several chapters from two of her key publications: Posthuman feminism (2022) and Nomadic Subjects – Embodiment and sexual difference in contemporary feminist theory (2011, originally published in 1994).
Panel discussion: La biblioteca del postumano
My team and I had the honour of attending the panel discussions on the importance of archival work and feminist, intergenerational solidarity at celebratory opening of the Braidotti donation to the archive of the Bibliotheca Italia Della Donne in Bologna on April 20th, 2024.
The Edinburgh Companion to the New European Humanities: Now Available for Preorder
The Edinburgh Companion to the New European Humanities assesses the rise of the ‘New’ Humanities alongside the traditional disciplines and inter-disciplinary ‘studies’ areas.
Rosi Braidotti is Ambassadeur Grootouders voor het Klimaat
Starting 2023 Rosi Braidotti is one of the ambassadors for the Dutch 'Grandparents for Climate' organization, giving her full support to the cause. As she stated in an interview with Trouw, she wishes to be a good ancestor, as to leave this world inhabitable, healthy and safe for the generations to come.
Event – An Evening With: Donna Haraway, Bruno Clarke and Rosi Braidotti
Feminist theorist Donna Haraway and literature-and-science researcher Bruno Clarke pay tribute to evolutionary theorist Lynn Margulis. In this special edition of An Evening With, they explore Margulis’s pioneering theories of symbiosis and Gaia, discuss their implications for current research in sympoiesis and posthumanism, and celebrate the publication of Writing Gaia: The Scientific Correspondence of James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis. The event will be moderated by Rosi Braidotti.