Lecture: An Evening With Rosi Braidotti and Submerged Heritage
On Thursday the 10th of November, Professor Rosi Braidotti will give a free lecture from 8–9.30 pm at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Explore the rhythms of politics and activism through a conversation about music with philosopher Rosi Braidotti and host Shay Kreuger, and join the next iteration of Submerged Heritage, where invited guest dr. Daphina Misiedjan explores the situation surrounding the Brokopondo lake in Suriname. 
Check out the Dutch booklaunch for Posthuman Feminism at Het Nieuwe Instituut
On Friday May 20th, Het Nieuwe Instituut invites you to the presentation of Posthuman Feminism
25 October 2019
Lecture “Gilles Deleuze: Mille piani di differenze” by Rosi Braidotti
On the 25th of October 2019, Prof. Rosi Braidotti gave a lecture titled "Gilles Deleuze: Mille piani di differenze" at the Fondazione Primoli in Rome as part of the lecture series "Qual’ è la differenza del pensiero francese?" Watch the lecture in Italian here.