November 10, 2023
Rosi Braidotti is Ambassadeur Grootouders voor het Klimaat
Starting 2023 Rosi Braidotti is one of the ambassadors for the Dutch 'Grandparents for Climate' organization, giving her full support to the cause. As she stated in an interview with Trouw, she wishes to be a good ancestor, as to leave this world inhabitable, healthy and safe for the generations to come.
September 26, 2023
Event – An Evening With: Donna Haraway, Bruno Clarke and Rosi Braidotti
Feminist theorist Donna Haraway and literature-and-science researcher Bruno Clarke pay tribute to evolutionary theorist Lynn Margulis. In this special edition of An Evening With, they explore Margulis’s pioneering theories of symbiosis and Gaia, discuss their implications for current research in sympoiesis and posthumanism, and celebrate the publication of Writing Gaia: The Scientific Correspondence of James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis. The event will be moderated by Rosi Braidotti.
November 8, 2022
Lecture: An Evening With Rosi Braidotti and Submerged Heritage
On Thursday the 10th of November, Professor Rosi Braidotti will give a free lecture from 8–9.30 pm at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Explore the rhythms of politics and activism through a conversation about music with philosopher Rosi Braidotti and host Shay Kreuger, and join the next iteration of Submerged Heritage, where invited guest dr. Daphina Misiedjan explores the situation surrounding the Brokopondo lake in Suriname. 
June 9, 2022
Link To Video of Rosi Braidotti’s Valedictory Lecture
Recorded valedictory farewell lecture of Distinguished University Professor Rosi Braidotti formal retirement lecture, Affirmative Ethics: We Are Rooted But We Flow, at the Aula of the Utrecht University Academiegebouw on Monday June 13, 2022.
April 22, 2022
Listen to Rosi Braidotti discuss feminism and punk for ‘Met terugwerkende kracht’
Rosi Braidotti walks you through TivoliVredenburg to discuss feminism and punk
April 22, 2022
Check out the Dutch booklaunch for Posthuman Feminism at Het Nieuwe Instituut
On Friday May 20th, Het Nieuwe Instituut invites you to the presentation of Posthuman Feminism
December 9, 2021
Applications now open for Posthuman Summer School 2022
The theme this time is 'The Posthuman Life of Methods'
December 2, 2021
Rosi Braidotti awarded Humboldt prize
Distinguished University Professor Rosi Braidotti has received a Humboldt Research Award
November 5, 2021
Posthuman Feminism now available
Rosi Braidotti’s new book, Posthuman Feminism, is now available for purchase in the UK
September 29, 2021
Prof. Braidotti’s guest appearance on ‘The Good Robot’
Listen back to Prof. Braidotti's two-part guest appearance on 'The Good Robot,' a podcast exploring what feminism can bring to our understanding of technology and the modern tech industry.
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Rosi Braidotti is a Philosopher and Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University as well as the founding director of the Centre for the Humanities in Utrecht.
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