❯❯ 𝗜𝗣𝗘𝗥 | [Castelvecchi Editore] Rosi Braidotti “Confini inediti, identità nomadi”

25 May 2021

Dialogue with Anna Maria Crispino
Introduced by Cristina Guarnieri

The Castelvecchi publishing house participates in the Festival of the Peripheries with a review of 29 meetings organized for the occasion. During the review, Italian and foreign intellectuals, of national and international fame, discuss the theme of the periphery according to different declinations: urban, social, political, existential, identity-based peripheries, reflecting on the hottest issues of our contemporaneity.

Of these 29 meetings, 8 are organized in collaboration with Filosofia in Movimento and one meeting is organized in collaboration with the International Lacanian Association of Rome.

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