*Closed for applications* Rosi Braidotti’s Summer School 2019: “Posthuman Knowledge(s)”

Prof. Rosi Braidotti’s Summer School 2019: “Posthuman Knowledge(s)” is now closed for applications

The summer school will take place from 19 to 23 August 2019.

The intensive course offers an overview of contemporary debates around the ‘posthuman turn’, in the framework of Braidotti’s brand of critical theory. It explores the implications of the posthuman convergence of posthumanism and postanthropocentrism for the constitution of subjectivity, the production of knowledge and the practice of the academic humanities. How can scholarship in the critical humanities move beyond the old dualities in which Man/Anthropos defined himself, beyond the hierarchical production of sexualized, racialized and naturalized others as excluded from humanity ? To what extent do current posthuman forms of knowledge critique anthropocentrism and Eurocentric humanism?

For more information and the application page go to the Utrecht Summer School website.