Review of Rosi Braidotti’s work

Read about Prof. Rosi Braidotti’s contribution to “The Nomadic Humanities” in Prof. Catherine R. Stimpson’s 2016 review in LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS.


Then, in her own work, Braidotti — vibrant, exuberant, ebullient, occasionally headstrong — puts it all together. In one page, indeed in one paragraph, she can be syncretic and improvisational, sober and performative. Her style in English consists of one-liners, lucid analyses, and a polysyllabic discourse that might seem like jargon to some and a revelation to others. Disentangling her in detail from her teachers and predecessors is too intricate a task for this case study, this proof of concept, but outlining her suggestions for the nomadic humanities is not.

[…] Braidotti is wonderfully affirmative, that word she deploys frequently. She may have moments of intellectual pessimism, but she is consistently fearless, energetic, and buoyant. In her quarrels, both explicit and implicit, with contemporary theory, she rejects panic, melancholia, and cowering before a barren doom. If she calls for critique, she demands creativity as well. As we glimpse the social horizons of hope, the tide of negativity must be turned.