Link To Video of Rosi Braidotti’s Valedictory Lecture

On Monday June 13, 2022, Distinguished University Professor Rosi Braidotti formally retired with Utrecht University and gave her farewell valedictory lecture Affirmative Ethics: We Are Rooted But We Flow in the Aula of the Academiegebouw.


The lecture was preceded by a celebratory conference in the Belle van Zuylenzaal. Colleagues and former students from all over the world looked back on, but also looked forward with, Rosi Braidotti’s important body of work in the Humanities. She has been an iconic role-model for many students and researchers both inside and outside academia. Her critical yet affirmative thought is rooted in feminism, nomadism, and posthumanism. Her books offer insight into the complexity of contemporary society and culture and inspire readers to commit to socially sustainable systems. Rosi’s many publications, lectures, and workshops have been highly influential within academic institutions, policymaking, and European networks, as well as projects and networks of feminist and the LBTGQ+ activists, and art and curatorial practices. Rosi firmly believes in intergenerational solidarity, emphasizing the role played by young people, especially women, to address the global challenges that we are collectively facing.


Both events have been livestreamed, and you are invited to watch the recording of the lecture.

The link to watch the lecture, Affirmative Ethics: We Are Rooted But We Flow, is here 

In light of her retirement from Utrecht University, DUB conducted and interview with Prof. Rosi Braidotti in which she reflects on her time at Utrecht University, her future, and the future of our world. You can find the interview, ‘A war between feminism and the LBGTQ+ movements plays into the hands of the Right’, here