Rosi Braidotti to deliver Tanner Lectures on Human Values 2017

Rosi Braidotti will deliver the 2017 Tanner Lectures on Human Values this spring at the Whitney Humanities Center.

Her talks are jointly titled “Posthuman, All Too Human.” The first, “Memoirs of a Posthumanist,” will be on Wednesday, March 1; the second, “Aspirations of a Posthumanist,” on Thursday, March 2. Both will take place at 17:00 pm in the WHC Auditorium. Professor Braidotti will be joined by Professors Joanna Radin (History of Medicine, History) and Rüdiger Campe (German, Comparative Literature) for further discussion on Friday, March 3, at 10:30 am.

See the Tanner Lectures website for updates and full programme.

The Tanner Lectures on Human Values were established by the American scholar, industrialist, and philanthropist Obert Clark Tanner, who hoped that these lectures would contribute to the intellectual and moral life of humankind. Both lectures and the discussion are free and open to the public. For more information contact the Whitney Humanities Center at 203-432-0670 or email