Feminist Archives Between Memory, Activism and Research – 6 November 2014

Symposium and exhibition on Rosi Braidotti’s work. Co-organized by Atria and the Centre for the Humanities of Utrecht University,

DATE: 6 November 2014

TIME: 17:00 – 19:00 h with an opening of an exhibition afterwards

LOCATION: Atria, institute on gender equality and women’s history, Vijzelstraat 20, 1017 HK Amsterdam

REGISTRATION by email: cfh@uu.nl

The term ‘feminist movement’ expresses the fact that it is in the nature of feminism to move. Feminism does not capture a singular position and the status quo to which feminists find themselves compelled to respond, is ever changing. With these changes, feminism itself also evolves. On a more empirical note: feminists themselves move. They, or rather: we, have to adapt to changing social and historical conditions and to new technological advances that profoundly alter our teaching and research practices, as well as our activism. We change our minds about feminist politics; we move in and out of institutions and we experience different gender regimes whilst growing older.

This symposium seeks to address feminist movements not only from this particular angle, but also to celebrate a recent move made by one feminist in particular, Rosi Braidotti. Having just turned 60, Braidotti is in the process of moving her archive to Atria in order to ensure that it is both well preserved for and, crucially, available to future generations of feminists. Whereas this may sound like a logical thing for a dedicated feminist to do, ‘archiving’ has many differing aspects and faces that this symposium will explore.

We ask: ‘How does the practice of archiving actively bridge feminist activism and gender research?’ Additionally, ‘What is the value of archiving of feminist activists’ life and work for the purpose of knowledge production and trans-generational transmission of memory? How do new media affect the practice of (feminist) archiving?’ Moderated by Maayke Botman, attendants of this symposium will be introduced to some of the prominent contemporary narratives that exist within (feminist) archiving, what is at stake in them and to a range of positions from a feminist “bomb the archive” stance to an equally feminist “treasure the archive” position.

After the symposium we will raise a celebratory glass to Braidotti’s 60th and enjoy an exhibition that has been created in order to showcase a selection of the items Atria has recently acquired for preservation.

Speakers: Berteke Waaldijk, Whitney Stark, Annette Mevis, Rosi Braidotti and Alies Pegtel

Moderator: Maayke Botman

Organizing committee: Sophie Chapple, Goda Klumbyte, Gé Meulmeester, Annette Mevis, Iris van der Tuin