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"After Poststructuralism", edited by R. Braidotti, now available in paperback


“This is a volume with a guaranteed wide use as a general reference and also for the discursive and critical strength of the essays included. Philosophers, cultural and gender studies specialists, feminists, sociologists and political scientists would form its most ardent readership.”
– Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

“This volume explores the exposure of philosophy to various external stimuli and sources of disruption over the past forty years: geo-politics, literary historical innovation, globalisation and techno-scientific transformation. The book resonates with intellectual vigour and the sense of excitement.” – Joanna Hodge, Manchester Metropolitan University

About the History of Continental Philosophy:

Beginning with Kant and the earliest responses to his critical philosophy and ending with the latest developments in continental thinking across a range of disciplines, The History of Continental Philosophy presents the first coherent and comprehensive history of the continental tradition of philosophy. The essays, all newly commissioned, cover not only all the major philosophers and schools but also relevant thinkers and movements outside philosophy. Together, these volumes offer a unique resource for understanding the complex and interconnected history of continental philosophy.


£24.99/$39.95 Paperback


£70.00 Hardback


Pub date: 30 September 2013

Extent: 416 pp

Format: 234 x 156 mm

Readership: undergraduate/postgraduate

• Subjects

Continental Philosophy, Postmodernism,

Post-analytic philosophy, Political Philosophy,

Postcolonial Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy


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