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New book "The Posthuman" to be launched in May 2013

Professor Rosi Braidotti will present her new book "The Posthuman" (Polity Press, 2013) during an official launch event that will take place on 23rd May at London Review Bookshop, London.

"The Posthuman" offers both an introduction and major contribution to contemporary debates on the posthuman. Digital ‘second life’, genetically modified food, advanced prosthetics, robotics and reproductive technologies are familiar facets of our globally linked and technologically mediated societies. This has blurred the traditional distinction between the human and its others, exposing the non-naturalistic structure of the human.
Braidotti argues that the challenge of the posthuman condition consists in seizing the opportunities for new social bonding and community building, while pursuing sustainability and empowerment.

More information about the event is available upon an email request to Prof. Braidotti's personal assistant ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

"The Posthuman" is available to buy from Amazon and Willey.

More about the book: see Polity Books website

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