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Profiling Research and Education at Utrecht University: Four Themes

Rosi Braidotti, Founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities says: “We work very closely with the group 'Institutions of the Open Society', with whom we are developing a programme on the social responsibility of the university today. A central project we have been pursuing for some time is cultural diversity and cosmopolitan citizenship in times of globalisation, with special focus on the cultural foundations of citizenship. We also have an active connection with the Utrecht Sustainability Initiative on the theme of sustainable humanities. In the field of ‘Life Sciences’ we want to develop a pilot to explore the links between brain research and performance arts.

The terms ‘humanities’ and ‘sciences’ are in need of redefinition. This is because of all the new developments in technology, notably in the fields of biogenetics, geo-sciences, cognitive and neurosciences, and information technology. All these fields rely on the humanities in that they require interpretative as well as analytical skills. Many of the insights, terminologies, images and metaphors of contemporary science are directly tributary to humanities areas such as literature, performance arts and art history. What we need is a culture of mutual respect and collaboration.”

Read the full article about four profiles here: in English, in Dutch.


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