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Academic opening of Aletta's new premises with prof. Rosi Braidotti

Abstract of the talk

'My aim for what has become my life-long project, has always need to recast, from a feminist perspective, issues of embodiment, sexual difference, and complex identity in relation to technology, historical events, and popular culture. I want to argue that questions of “nomadism” are more relevant than ever, particularly given the popularity of Deleuzian thought and the phenomenon of economic and cultural globalization. The fashionable uses of human and other forms of global mobility, however, do not automatically resolve power differences and other forms of structural inequality and in some way, they even intensify them. My own brand of critical nomadic thought is an attempt to provide affirmative questions to the challenges of our era.'

18:30 Doors open

19:00 Opening by Prof. Dr. Saskia Wieringa, director Aletta

19.05 Key note by Prof. Dr. Rosi Braidotti: 'Writing and Being Written by Nomadic Subjects'

19:35 Discussants: Dr. Iris van der Tuin and Dr. Lisa Baraitser (chaired by Prof. Dr. Saskia Wieringa)

20.05 Audience responses (chaired by Prof. Dr. Saskia Wieringa)

20.30 Closing by Prof. Dr. Saskia Wieringa

20.35-21.15 Reception and presentation of the revised and expanded edition of Braidotti's book 'Nomadic Subjects'

The event is open for everyone. Please register by e-mail using the subject line ‘Rosi Braidotti. The seminar will be held at Aletta's brand new premises at the Vijzelstraat 20, Amsterdam.
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Dr. Lisa Baraitser
Birkbeck – University of London Lisa’s research interests are in gender and sexuality, motherhood and the maternal, feminist epistemologies, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy and philosophies of ethics, affect and event. Her recent work has centred on the fraught relations, as well as creative tensions, between motherhood, female subjectivity and ethics. Her monograph Maternal Encounters was the joint winner of the Feminist and Womens Studies Association book prize for outstanding feminist scholarship in 2009. In 2010 she published the article ‘On Reading Rosi Braidotti's 'Transpositions'’ in: Subjectivity, 3, pp. 125-130.

Read more about Dr. Lisa Baraitser here.

Dr. Iris van der Tuin
University of Utrecht Dr. Iris van der Tuin is assistant professor at Gender Studies, Department of Media and Culture Studies and the Research Institute for History and Culture, Utrecht University and specialised in feminist epistemology and philosophy of science. She has recently been awarded a VENI grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for the project 'The Material Turn in the Humanities'. Her PhD has been supervised by Rosi Braidotti. Together with van Rossem Iris wrote "Mijn werk is even nomadisch als ikzelf: Een interview met Rosi Braidotti" in: Nomadisch denken in de 21e eeuw (pp. 263-281).

Read more about Iris van der Tuin here.

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